Ali Alsaffar Photography

(Certified Photographer By Zillow)

services include digital photography, Walk-Through virtual tours, drone imagery and videography.

We shoot real estate and interior design photography for the vacation rental industry, remodeling companies and architecture/interior design firms.

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There are thousands of properties and venues listed for sale or rental every single day. In every listing, the photographs help the viewer imagine themselves and their family or business within the space.

Ali Alsaffar specializes in photographing emotion, capturing what someone can feel in a space, selling a lifestyle, and in turn selling and renting your properties faster.

Turn around 48 hours typical. This includes thorough post-processing of images. Adjustments include: Cropping, color balance, contrast, brightness, detail enhancement, clarity, and more. The goal is clean, bright, clear story of the household being sold.

PHONE VS. Our Camera

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LEFT = Camera          Right = Iphone 7plus 

In a real estate market where most prospective home buyers start their search online, and you only have a few seconds to capture their attention, the quality of your listing photos is vital. Attractive professional images receive more clicks, help grab the attention of the most qualified buyers and compel them to schedule a showing.

Homes listed with professional real estate property photography actually spend less time on the MLS list and sell faster than those with amateur images. While it may be convenient to use your smartphone to take listing photos, there are many reasons why you should enlist the services of a professional real estate photographer instead.

Although smartphone cameras have come a long way in producing good quality personal photos, they weren’t designed to capture the indoor or exterior views of a home that will sell fast. DSLR cameras are technically superior to smartphone cameras and have more versatile equipment that allows them to take higher quality photos. Hiring a professional photographer offers numerous benefits that help you market your brand effectively to potential clients, establish a solid reputation and make an impression that will continue to bring in business. 

A pro’s expertise in photo composition and editing produces high-quality photos that help you beat the competition, especially in competitive list price brackets where agents and brokers have to work very hard to stand out. Hiring an experienced photographer saves both time and money and is a necessity for any successful real estate professional.

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